Nachtschicht 2004

by YAO 91404 D with INDRA


Live recording of a night shift in a factory workshop, where masterminds of YAO 91404 D and Indra were working together in 2004. The tape presents an ordinary factory production process without any embellishments, additional record layers or intentionally made sounds. However, the sound atmosphere absolutely usual for that factory, sounds with a powerful harsh noise drive, comparable to works by Government Alpha, Merzbow or early analog Comforter. The sound sources are a big CNC router, an industrial vacuum pump, an industrial vacuum cleaner, a big industrial fan, a palm sander and a jig saw. The recording has not been digitized, and is not to be ever uploaded to Bandcamp. Cassette in a ziplock bag.
Distributed through Zhelezobeton:


released June 20, 2016

P(F)D 008



Polevoy Dnevnik Saint Petersburg, Russia

Polevoy Dnevnik (Field Diary) is field-recordings only non-music label from Ingria. The releases are both physical and Bandcamp. The special feature are analogue cassette-only not ever digitized releases, duplicated straight from the original master cassettes. Mind please: we DO NOT accept any demos. ... more

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